Worship by the River

Sundays – 9 am

Pandemic Changes for 2020

We are located on the deck between the Nantahala River and Big Wesser Cafe.

We are starting at 9 am (not 8:30 am as in the past)

We will be wearing masks and keeping socially distanced because we care for each other and our world.

Our service will only be 1/2 Hour long.

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Quiet by a little stream - Open House for Butterflies



Come and Listen to God

The River of Life provides an opportunity for anyone in Western North Carolina to enjoy friendship and explore and deepen our faith journey together. We sing, share, grow in spirit, and listen to God by the river.




01 Direction Sign picture

Follow the Signs

When you are near the Nantahala Outdoor Center, follow the signs to the River of Life services.




05 breakfast

Coffee and Light Snacks

When you arrive, enjoy fresh coffee and light snacks as you enjoy the company of other river folks. It is a time to meet new friends and greet old ones.




7 welcome and announcements


Welcome and Singing

As we gather together, there will be a time of sharing about our ministry, our mission and building community wells in Haiti (20 wells at the end of 2015),  and spending time as a river community that follows Jesus.



20 God Sitings

 God Sitings

One of the highlights of the river services are hearing each other’s God Sitings, how we have experienced and see God moving in the world around us. This is a Spirit-filled time. After God Sitings we share our prayer requests. It is a time when we voice our needs and concerns and invite God to move in fresh ways of hope and grace in our lives.



30 reading the scriptures


Scriptural Message

An encouraging and challenging message is heard each week based on scripture and relevant to our lives today. Our hope is that each person experiences a message of hope and grace that draws us to a deeper relationship with a loving God.



Prayer by the River


Prayer and Reflection

After a thoughtful message, each person is encouraged to “find a rock” beside the river for a brief time of individual reflection and prayer.




53 closing circle benediction

Sending Out

After our time of prayer and reflection, we come together for a short song and final blessing as we are sent out into the world to bring God’s Kingdom on earth and be Christ’s healing presence in the midst of those around us.



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Located @ NOC’s Big Wesser BBQ and Brew; previously the Pourover Pub & Slow Joe’s Café