Reaching Out with a Mission:

Sharing the Gift of Love through Clean Water

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe River of Life ministry has been missionally focused from the beginning and has a unique opportunity of giving the predominant amount of love offering collected directly to providing water resources, giving life, to others around the world. It is our commitment to share the love of God with others through this gift of water that God has shared with us.

More Wells!

For 2019 the River of Life is excited to announce that we have now sponsored over 80 new wells through our partners in Haiti and have also repaired 50 additional wells providing over 130 communities with clean water! We remember the years when being able to sponsor even just one community well seemed like a lofty dream. Now, through the help of so many supporters who have given a little or sponsored entire wells, these holy dreams have become reality. If you would like to see your name, church, or even company on a well, let us know!

You Can Help!

By contributing gear and funds for our Well in a Weekend event in 2019 we raised enough for SEVEN community wells! We are often able to raise enough money for several wells each year through donations during our River of Life weekly worship services each Sunday morning. You can help from home through Paypal . If you would like to give weekly or monthly, consider using


Rest assured that your money will go towards providing clean water, hope and life to those most in need!

We have Connections

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are able to help in these ways because of Dr. Eugene. He is a medical doctor that directly cares for the needs of several communities in northern Haiti. As he travels from town to town spending time with families, treating their illnesses, he has intimate knowledge of their needs, and the threats to their health. Dysentery and Cholera, along with other waterborne illnesses have caused great harm and many deaths in Haiti over the past few years. They are in desperate need for clean water. Dr. Eugene is also in the process of building a new hospital which will service about 200,000 people. The River of Life has provided two wells and all of the plumbing needed to provide water for the hospital. Read more about the hospital by clicking here.

A Comprehensive Approach

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe River of Life has been using a comprehensive approach to give hope and love through a variety of efforts. First of all we have been able to provide fifteen community wells over the past few years. In 2015, before the start of the River of Life summer worship season, we were able to place three new wells in the most needed of places. Dr. Eugene guides the selection of choosing wells. Click here to watch a video as we visited some potential sites with Dr. Eugene in January 2015.

Digging a Well

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever wondered about what digging a well in Haiti requires? We were blessed to film the entire process of putting in a community well during our trip to Haiti. Click here to watch a video of the entire process. If you are interested in the details of the actual drilling process click here to watch the video.

Emergency Support

FW-60-M_10 portable water filterOne of the challenges for Haiti has been the inaccessibility of finding clean water during hurricanes and times of crisis. For times such as this, we have provided a portable solution in the First Water FW-60 water filtration system.


Serving Daily Needs

School Principle looks at meIn addition we have sent water buckets to Haiti that have built in filtration systems. For only $5 per bucket, and proper training by Dr. Eugene on how to purify water and keep it clean, many lives have been saved. Click here to watch a video about the impact of some of the buckets we have sent to Haiti.


Would You Like to Visit the Wells in Haiti?

Please contact Pastor Wayner if you are interested in going with the River of Life team.

Pray for Haiti

God of living waters, thank you for the opportunity to serve.
Remind us that all the children of Haiti are our children too.
May the little we offer, give them hope in the name of Jesus,
who is the living water of life. Amen.