This is a short video of our trip to visit Dr. Eugene in Cap Haitian, Haiti and see some of the River of Life wells and the new Health Clinic/Hospital for which we are providing water resources. After picking us up at the airport, Dr. Eugene took us to lunch at the L’Augerge Le Picolet. There we met the crew Wayner traveled to Haiti with during his last trip to Haiti. The crew includes Pam Carter who helped connect the River of Life with Dr. Eugene and sponsoring wells in Haiti. Without this connection, it is likely that the River of Life would never have been able to sponsor any community wells but now we have been able to fund 15 community wells in Haiti. It is a relationship that blesses us as much as it blesses the people of Haiti. Thank you all who have helped make it happen!

Watch the Day 1 “Highlights Video” by clicking here.