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2015 Haiti Trip – Special Edition

by wayner

One of the critical components of giving clean water to the people of Haiti is by providing them filtration/purification buckets to use. Dr. Eugene makes sure that each person is trained in the art of “Bucketology” before they can receive their buckets. Dr. Eugene makes sure that each person that receives a bucket is given […]

2015 Haiti Trip – Day 4

by wayner

Sorry this update took so long. Due to some technical issues we weren’t able to finish uploading the videos in Haiti. Now that we are back home, we hope to post the rest of our daily journal. On day 4 we returned to the hospital that Dr. Eugene is building to watch the progress there. The […]

2015 Haiti Trip – Day 3 part 2

by wayner

Since we had so much information from Day 3 we only downloaded the drilling video during our last blog installment. This is Day 3.5 to cover all of the aspects of the day of the new well installation. It is had to believe they crew could go from clearing the area of trees and shrubbery […]

2015 Haiti Trip – Day 3

by wayner

This is a video from our third day in Haiti. We were blessed to watch the installation of a well in the town of Dhericourt (pronounced Deri-cou) which serves three communities. The company doing the drilling is the same one that Dr. Eugene has used on several occasions to drill River of Life wells. So […]

2015 Haiti Trip – Day 2

by wayner

It was a busy day on Sunday. After going to worship at the Cap Haitian Methodist Church, we headed out in search of wells. This is our daily diary of the days adventures starring Dr. Eugene. Enjoy! Watch the daily video blog here.

2015 Haiti Trip – Day 1

by wayner

This is a short video of our trip to visit Dr. Eugene in Cap Haitian, Haiti and see some of the River of Life wells and the new Health Clinic/Hospital for which we are providing water resources. After picking us up at the airport, Dr. Eugene took us to lunch at the L’Augerge Le Picolet. […]

Heading to Haiti

by dwayneparton

Follow the Trey and Cricket Barnett and Wayner as they travel to Haiti January, 16-26, 2015 to visit the River of Life wells and scan the horizon for potential sites for new sites for wells in the future.